Orchestra ready for winter concert


JB Campbell

Senior Sharna Ngo practices in fourth period’s varsity orchestra class.

Garrison Moritz, Staff Writer

Winter is often a time of joy, a time of gifts and a time of happiness. Several things can bring out this feeling: candy canes, hot cocoa, gifts and music. Orchestra has been working hard to prepare to play some of this music for parents and kids alike at its winter concert. 

“I’m most looking forward to the winter concert in that we get to play the fun, lighthearted winter music,” orchestra director Josh Taylor said. “Holiday music is more enjoyable and not so technically crazy and difficult as our regular music is.”

The concert will be Dec. 7 at 7 p.m., in the Performing Arts Center. The concert is free for everyone who wishes to attend.

“Those people that are attending can expect to hear Carol of the Bells, a few different arrangements of that, some jazzy arrangements of some stuff, some ‘Greensleeves,’ and some traditional Christmas carols as well,” Taylor said. “ Also, we’ll do some carols that people don’t know as well. So that should be fun.”

Violinist Alexis Dozier, 12, said she is most excited about playing music from “The Polar Express” at this year’s winter concert. She has enjoyed being part of the group all year. 

“Orchestra has always been a place where I can just like relax through music and all that,” she said. 

Due to last year’s pandemic, orchestra had to be spaced apart, making it harder to practice, play and bond as a group. But this year, with restrictions being lifted, they have been able to work together more and bond as a group. 

They have also found much success. In the fall, Rey Torres, 10, and Uriel Torres, 11, earned spots in the Region Symphony Orchestra. In addition, Ty Bell, 10, Cameron Krewer, 10, Lucas Pagano, 9, and Saylor Robinson, 12, earned spots in the Region Philharmonic Orchestra. Logan Black, 10, was an alternate.

“I wish people knew how much work and effort goes into performing and specifically to learn how to successfully play a stringed instrument,” Taylor said. “I wish people knew more about that and all that goes into it.”