Fishing team ready for regionals


Jacob Valcarce

Freshman Kallen Cosper and sophomore Dominic Ortiz compete at the regional fishing tournament Saturday at Lake Travis.

Jacob Valcarce, Staff Writer

This weekend, the fishing team will attend the regional competition at Lake Travis. While most kids on the team are from Kingwood High School, two of them are from Kingwood Park.

At the last competition, freshman Kallen Cosper and sophomore Dominic Ortiz finished 50th place out of 156 teams. While they said they missed some key fish, they still got a good enough score of 10.86.

“It’s pretty exciting,” Ortiz said. “It was a grind. The whole time it was just trying to stay consistent. We weren’t getting the bites that we needed to get, like later in the day.”

They did advance, however. At regionals, there are some areas that they hope to improve. They hope to catch their limit, so they can focus more on finding bigger fish, instead of worrying about finding enough fish.

Before each tournament, they go out and find spots to hit on tournament day as well as practice.

This weekend, they will be fishing with two other divisions: Houston and Hill Country. A total of 76 teams qualified for their division.

While they said they could’ve done better at the last tournament, they did do especially well in some areas.

“Being on our game the whole time, being consistent,” Cosper said. “That’s what we really stayed good at. Staying consistent where we’re fishing and making those key adjustments.”

Cospher is optimistic about what’s ahead at Lake Travis this weekend.

“I would say for me, it’s us trying to go to state, or move on to state,” Cosper said. “If we don’t catch them here, that’s it. We’re done. But if we can find a way, we can get to state.”

Ortiz and Cosper are glad to be a part of this team and are looking forward to the competition.

“I guess I’m glad to be a part of this,” Ortiz said.