Seniors ready to celebrate year at sunrise


Arleigh Doehring

The senior sunrise was a tradition started with the Class of 2022.

Jacob Valcarce, News Editor

On Friday, the senior class will have their annual Senior Sunrise event. The Hawaiian-themed event is slated to start at 6:30 a.m. on the football field. In the event that it rains, it will be held in the cafeteria.

“The Senior Sunrise was a tradition set last year by the class of 2022,” senior class president Ian Ganem said. “And we want to continue their legacy and continue building on what they started.”

The officers hope for a good turnout from the class, which has more than 480 students. Those attending can bring a blanket or a towel and wear Hawaiian gear for the pep rally scheduled for 11:35 a.m. The morning event will have music, free breakfast and yard games. 

“We’re taking everything that worked for the [Class of 2022] and like ramping up to 10,” Ganem said. “So I think the inclusion of the yard games, some people are going to actually love them.”

The event is funded by the senior class, and donations made by parents and different organizations.

Ganem said the Senior Sunrise is going to be bigger every year. He loves the unity that the senior class has.

“(Being seniors is) something we all have in common,” Ganem said. “And it’s trying to build unity between the senior class and the school as a whole.