Congestion in athletic building must improve


Fallon Head

Construction has left just one door available for students to pass from the main building into the athletic building. Congestion has caused many to be late for class.

Fallon Head, Editor

Students with classes in the athletic building have always been in a race to get to classes in time. However, due to recent construction blocking one of the two of the entrances, if you have a class on opposite sides of the school, that race has become impossible to win.

The main issue isn’t the distance from one end of the school to the other, but the crowds at the entrance into the athletic building. People meet outside the door in the commons, blocking the way into the building. If people stop meeting right outside the doors and move into the middle of the commons, the congestion at the door will lessen. 

If the administration watched most closely, they could also help ease the congestion by keeping traffic moving in both directions. Currently, people walking through the narrow hallway don’t stay to one side – they crowd the whole space. Those who are going against the majority have no way to get by. The quickness of going both outside of the athletic building and into it would be a much smoother walk with less people forcing themselves through the middle of the wave of people.