‘Moonage Daydream’ brings Bowie back


Maya Ortiz, Editor-in-Chief

Moonage Daydream is a documentary in the way that David Bowie is a musician – neither one can be easily categorized. The movie is so much more than a documentary and Bowie was so much more than a musician. All Bowie enthusiasts should see Moonage Daydream, especially those who weren’t able to see him perform.

Moonage Daydream was a celebration of who Bowie was. It encapsulated the energy of Bowie as a performer perfectly. 

It tells the story of David Bowie without forcing a story. It is told mostly through interviews with the man himself. 

The visual aspects in the movie are phenomenal, though probably not for those sensitive to flashing lights. The movie contains clips of Bowie on and off-stage, many visual graphics and captivating photos. 

It tells the story of how his artistic style progressed as well as where he found his inspiration. 

Moonage Daydream is perfect for any Bowie lover. However, the addition of clips from movies like The Man Who Fell to Earth and borderline explanations of Bowie’s story almost force the viewer to have a baseline knowledge of David Bowie. 

Due to the need of background knowledge, the movie isn’t as much an educational documentary, but instead a celebration of Bowie for those who already appreciate him and his work. 

Bowie enthusiasts will be more than pleased with the documentary as it captures the performer and person Bowie was onstage and off. 

For those who weren’t able to witness his work and how it came to be when he was alive, this is the next best thing. 

Brett Morgen, the producer, truly honored Bowie and what he represented while producing Moonage Daydream. The visual graphics captured Bowie’s boldness in style, music, art and life. The music collection was perfectly fitting to represent Bowie’s whole career and show the versatility of his music.

Bowie led so many people to feel comfortable being themselves and to not fall subject to society’s expectations. Moonage Daydream honored his legacy and is a must watch for anyone Bowie influenced.