‘School for Good and Evil’ hits the mark


The School of Good and Evil.

Bailey Hall, Staff Writer

Netflix’s new School for Good and Evil, a movie is based on a 2013 book, is set in a fictional world that has magic, dragons, wizards, witches and so many more things. The movie stars Sophia Anna Caruso as Sophie and Sofia Wylie as Agatha – best friends who learn about the school for good and evil. They get kidnapped by the school and get sent to different sides. Sophia is sent to the evil side and Agatha is sent to the good side.

The movie had great visuals and really brings this world to life. They had great costumes throughout the whole movie. Personally, Sophia’s dress for the dance was my favorite look of hers. Besides that they had amazing actors in the movie, some up-and-comers and some who are well established.

The writing, as in many Netflix movies, was cringe worthy at certain points. You have to keep in mind that the book is mainly for middle schoolers, so of course there is cringe stuff included. Despite this, an older crowd can still enjoy the writing of the movie and acting in it.

The movie does a decent job with using the plot of the book but like most movie adaptations there are flaws to how they adapted it. In the movie, Sophie and Agatha are genuinely good friends, and they only learn about the school for good and evil a couple days before they go there. In the book, they have always known about the school for good and evil and the only reason Sophie is friends with Agatha is so that she is sent to the good school. Of course, they cut scenes out of the movie that were in the book. Even with all the things they took out, they did a decent job at making the book into a movie.

Overall, the movie did a good job at bringing the book to life. If you’ve read the book you may be disappointed in some of the scenes they took out or how they changed the storyline. For people who have not read the book, the movie is a fun and lighthearted fiction story in which two girls grow up and learn more about themselves and learn life lessons. I would recommend watching this movie, but I personally like fictional stories like this. If you’re more into action and fast-paced movies then this is probably not for you.