Brenner Does his Best with the Buddies


Tanner Kobal

During the homecoming pep rally on Sept. 18, Brenner is announced the junior class prince. Brenner has become very involved with the Best Buddies program, and he is currently the group’s president.

Owen Herbert, Staff Reporter

As first year Best Buddies president, junior Charlie Brenner plans to expand the program more than ever this school year and has very high expectations to achieve his goals.

“My goals are to get as many people involved at each of our events as possible, to create lifelong friendships and to win chapter of the year,” Brenner said.

Brenner first learned about Best Buddies when his sister joined. She told Brenner about the program and its purpose, which made him want to become a part of it.

“The program has made me more conscientious of what I say and how I act at all times and on social media,” Brenner said. “I find myself putting others before me more often.”

Brenner often spends his free time with his buddy and other fellow buddies doing something they all enjoy together. The positive attitude he brings to the program is one other members feed off of making it even more fun for everyone.

Brenner plans to make some changes to the upcoming year by expanding the program, and by getting more students from every grade to get involved with the program.

“We’re trying to get the associate members more involved by offering small leadership positions and opportunities to help out at events,” Brenner said. “I plan to  make the program more successful by getting as many different people involved as possible, having events at more convenient times, and giving the buddies the best high school experience as possible.”