‘Die Hard’ is the best Christmas movie

Bailey Hall, Staff Writer

Die Hard came out on July 22, 1988. The movie is about John McClane (played by Bruce Willis) coming home to his family during Christmas. His wife was at her office Christmas party when it was taken over by a group of terrorist. McClane sneaks into the office to take down the villains in the story.

Some people say it’s not a Christmas movie because it’s action and not really focused on Christmas. Most Christmas movies focus around Christmas – something happens because of Christmas. Also, normally Christmas movies are happy or funny, they do not have a lot of action and gore. 

Die Hard is an action movie but it’s still a Christmas movie. First off, the soundtrack of the movie is filled with all different Christmas songs like “Winter Wonderland,” “Let It Snow” and a couple others. While the main focus is McClane saving his family, it all takes place during an office Christmas party. The whole reason he comes home is for Christmas. All of these things make Die Hard a Christmas movie. 

Some people will say Christmas is not the main reason for the movie. But Christmas movies don’t need Christmas as the main focus of the movie. Although many of them are, it doesn’t mean all of them have to have the same focus as the last. 

I personally think that it’s a refreshing look at Christmas, and I wish that more were like this instead of the regular love story or family issue.