Christmas movies do not include ‘Die Hard’

James Pham, Staff Writer

People say that Die Hard is a top-rated Christmas movie, but it is not even a Christmas movie at all. It is about a New York detective, John McClane, arriving in Los Angeles to spend Christmas with his family. Then all of a sudden a German terrorist group led by Hans Gruber. 

The group interrupts a Christmas party in the Nakatomi Tower, a fancy tall building, and takes everyone hostage – well, everyone but McClane. He was in another room when the hostage taking was happening and hid. But he got discovered after he made some noises while witnessing the terrorist group killing the executive of the building.

The only Christmas thing about this movie is a guy living in New York traveling to see his family for Christmas. That’s basically it. The movie is really about a terrorist group wanting the code to the building’s vault because it contained $640 million. 

Everyone knows that a Christmas movie has a theme about Christmas, Christmas songs playing throughout the movie, and the Christmas Spirit is included somewhere. The only thing that Die Hard has is bullets flying everywhere and people dropping dead. The thing I remember from Christmas is giving, not taking people’s lives. 

Also, there’s barely any Christmas music. They only had “Ode to Joy” and the rest were your typical suspension songs that builds the mode of hiding from the bad guys and the sound of someone’s hand punching the other’s face. 

If people say Die Hard is a great action movie, I completely agree. It’s similar to those classic ’80s, ’90s action movies that you watch with your parents. But Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie, it’s just an action movie during Christmas.