Twins can become built-in best friends.


Isabel Stanley

Gabriel and Ramiro Hernandez are one of many sets of twins in the junior class.

Ramiro Hernandez, Staff Writer

There is nothing like being with someone since birth who looks exactly like you. 

When you’re a twin, you always have someone to relate to on a personal level. You can talk to them about anything, share inside jokes, enjoy movies you both like and even trick others with your identities. 

Like so many things, though, it’s not all perfect. There can be conflicts between each other about certain things, such as food, movie choices and other interests. You can even fight over something as childish as a blanket. But these differences can lead to twins trying to resolve the conflict between them and, in doing so, deepen their bond.

I have experience being a twin, and let’s just say that it has its benefits. My brother and I are always hungry for something to munch on, and we always have the same thing on our mind: Food. This shows that twins can sometimes share the same mindset and have the same interests.

There are, however, also some downsides to being a twin, and one of them is that my brother and I like too many of the same things. We tend to argue over things, such as who gets the last slice of pizza. But in the end, it doesn’t matter how big the argument is – we always make up and get on good terms quickly.

Not a lot of people can understand the bond twins hold with one another. Sometimes even the twins themselves struggle to understand. In addition, there are some twins who dislike one another because of the similarities they both share. They then often try to have different interests.

Twins, however, should not try to distance each other. Instead, they should try to explore each other’s interests and find the one that connects them both. Being a twin is a life with its ups and downs, but in the end it’s also about looking out for one another. Twins should not discourage each other, they should push one another to be better and excel through the hardships they encounter together.

My brother and I share similar movie and show interests, such as Marvel movies and Tom & Jerry. Also, a fun fact about us is that we don’t call each other by our real names. We instead call each other “brother” and have been doing it since we were little.

Overall, from my experience, being a twin is rewarding. There will be arguments between twins, but it’s all about balance between the twins and finding something to keep that balance in check. 

Being a twin can be weird at times because you see someone, who is your twin, look like you but act completely different from you. It’s almost like seeing a mirror image of yourself that has different likes and dislikes. But being a twin is something many people cherish because ever since the day that twins are born, they many times become best friends for life in an instant. 

It can be confusing, frustrating and unbearable being a twin. But in the end, it’s a bond that can never be broken and it’ll forever be cherished by the two – even if it takes them a while to realize it.