Broussard envisions music in future


Submitted by Nick Broussard

Senior Nick Broussard plays the guitar during a local performance. Music is Broussard’s passion and what he plans to pursue after high school.

Taylor Nethery, Staff writer

Senior Nick Broussard picked up playing guitar in eighth grade. He started by playing at his friend’s house and took an interest in it, so he saved up and bought his own. He plays bass, guitar, piano and drums. He does vocals and plays guitar for his band, Nemesis. Broussard writes his own songs and occasionally covers a song or two.

“I kind of took an interest to it,” Broussard said. “I’d seen my friend’s guitar and I was like, I kind of want to screw around with that.”

Senior Alex Fullerton is also in Nemesis. He plays the drums and performs with Broussard.

“It’s just fun to play with him,” Fullerton said. “He’s a really good musician and fun to practice with.”

Broussard hopes to make a career in music, he wants to be able to live off making and performing his own music. He has played in many venues in Houston and enjoys the thrill of playing in front of an audience.

“I definitely plan on making this kind of my thing that I worry about my entire life,” Broussard said. “But my biggest thing is I don’t necessarily want the money or fame. I want my music and the stuff that I do to inspire people the way that the people I look up to inspired me.”

Broussard’s music inspirations come from a little bit of everything, which he says has helped him make unique sounds that grab listeners’ attention.

“If you only listen to death metal, you’re only going to make death metal, right?” Broussard said.

When writing music, Broussard said it’s important to write music you genuinely enjoy listening to and performing.
Music for Broussard has been an outlet for him since he started playing. If he’s having a hard time and just needs to get away, he turns to music to help him get through it.

“There’s been times in life that I just don’t typically enjoy,” Broussard said. “And I found that music has been one of the only things [that helps].. And I just disappear.”