Students rely on music


Maya Ortiz

Junior Avery Steinke loves music and attends concerts whenever she and her friends find one in the area.

Maya Ortiz, Editor-in-Chief

Throughout the day many students can be found listening to music around the school. Their headphones or airpods are securely in place and music is running.

“[I listen] almost 24/7, it’s just a part of my life,” junior Matthew Igo said. “I feel like some of the lyrics just touch me in a way I can relate to it a lot, and it feels like an escape for me.”

Students like sophomore Edgar Meirhofer use music as a tool to focus when studying.

“It’s what helps me finish my assignments,” Meirhofer said. “It helps keep me running. It gives me ideas and helps me continue working and doing what I’m doing.”

People are also drawn to music because of the impact it has on a person’s emotions.

“Music is probably one of the main things that makes me happy,” junior Maggie Scott said. “I listen to it whenever I feel any emotions and don’t know how to express it.”

Whether it’s Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Mitski or Playboi Cardi, students are drawn to music and list it as a main tool in getting through their days.

“It’s creative expression at its finest,” Meirhofer said. “You’ll listen to a lot of music and you’ll sit there and you’ll completely relate to this artist because they’re pouring their heart out.”