Changes allow juniors easy testing opportunities


Maya Ortiz

Campus offers new school-wide ACT option.

Luke Cavallo, Special Contributor

This March, students will have the opportunity to test both the SAT and the ACT suite of assessments on campus. In a departure from recent tradition, the school district has opted to automatically provide the ACT suite of assessments, including the ACT for 11th graders, the pACT for 10th graders, and the pACT 8/9 for 9th graders. These tests will administered on March 7.

“(This change) is probably because the ACT has a little different subject areas,” campus testing coordinator Sarah Olesen said. “That is going to allow for students that tend to be more math and science driven to showcase that, where they don’t get to with some of the other exams.”

The SAT was made available on campus for 11th graders who chose to register. Those students tested during school hours on March 1. Although some colleges have recently turned away from standardized testing, these tests are still an instrumental part of admissions and scholarships for many. Students appreciate these opportunities, recognizing the impact that tests such as the SAT and ACT can have on their future.

“It’s a chance to prove what you’ve learned throughout high school,” junior Brooks Laughlin said. “Because maybe your grade didn’t reflect how much you actually knew, you can prove it on these tests.”

Many of the students that plan to take either the SAT or the ACT developed strategies and study plans. These plans are bolstered by resources provided by the school, such as free practice test booklets, and access to the online test preparation website, “Shmoop.” In-test strategies are also an important consideration.

“I try not to get stuck on one question for too long,” Laughlin said. “I move on and try to answer other questions.”

Many have received the changes to the normal testing schedule with positivity, grateful for the new opportunity.

“Everybody is good with choice,” Olesen said. “Choices are always better for kids.”