Tafarroji continues to build upon crochet creations


Daniel Spear

Senior Layla Tafarroji continues expanding her repertoire when it comes to crocheting.

Daniel Spear, Staff Writer

Senior Layla Tafarroji is an avid crocheter and orchestra member, along with other activities on campus. Tafarroji has been crocheting since she was young and has done many projects since she started.

While often crocheting animals, Tafarroji made a cardigan, which she calls her most complicated work. She watched YouTube videos to figure out the pattern to actually make the cardigan. Then, because she wanted a checkered pattern she had to crochet close to 70 individual squares. She knitted the small individual squares into larger ones before creating things like the front lining, the button plaque, the cuffs and the bottom lining. While she hasn’t yet finished she plans to in the future.

“My favorite thing I’ve made, besides the opossums, because it has led to my utmost ‘popularity’ would probably be all the frogs,” Tafarroji said. “Oh, the frogs. Yeah, because it makes me look absolutely bonkers.” 

Those aren’t the only thing for which Tafarroji has used her unique talents. The entire list disregarding the frogs and other pieces of apparel are red pandas, foxes, bees, a chicken bag, and even the Pokémon Dunsparce. 

Tafarroji’s unique talent has come a long way from the giant eye and legless opossums she used to – and still does – make. 

“I’ve made 29 frogs, but I’ve given away a whole bunch, “ Tafarroji said. “I have the pattern memorized so I can do them in class very easily.  I’ve given them away to my art teacher’s kids. I’ve given them away to my orchestra teacher’s kids and I’ve given them to several of my last year’s teachers.”