Stevens chases big goals

Kat Smith, Staff Reporter

Sophomore Tate Stevens has gradually been making his way to the top with his determination to be the best. With the need to be better, he made the goal to break a twenty-nine year old standing record for the 50 meter freestyle on his summer league swim team, which he successfully accomplished.

“I took a Sharpie and wrote the time he needed to swim on his hand – a visual goal,” Stevens’ mother, Sarah said. “He got the record and I think he realized then his swimming possibilities were boundless.”

Since then at his meets Tate has been writing on his hand the time he needs to achieve to be superior. Tate’s always pushing himself harder because of his ambition to be faster.

“I spend the better part of the day thinking about my time and it works,” Stevens said.

Stevens freestyles with a 50-yard time of 22.3 seconds and a 100-yard time of 50.06 seconds. He pushes himself a little harder throughout a set during practice, using the saying “last one fast” meaning it’s the end of the set so he should give it all he’s got.

“I want to be the best possible I can, I know I can better myself, so I do,” Tate said.

Tate got into swimming 12 years ago. Nothing seemed cooler to a four year old than a summer league pep rally. Tate has ever since been a hundred percent committed to the sport and the team.

Tate has a quirky personality that keeps things upbeat and interesting at all times. Never having to adjust to the people around him, he thrives on corny jokes and random sayings.

“Tate has never been anyone but himself,” Mrs. Stevens said. “He is so comfortable in his own skin.”

Tate’s destination is State, his ultimate goal is to help bring home another State Championship.

They have the depth and dedication. Stevens hopes to lead the team back to Austin.

“Give that boy a goal and he will achieve it,” Mrs. Stevens said