Future teachers get hands on experience

Anna Emerson, Staff Reporter

The Humble ISD teaching program consists of a two-year program, which helps future teachers have a hands-on experience. Forty students AHS, KHS, KPHS and SCHS learn from Wilkins, who is the teacher of Child Development, Principles of Education, and the IPET and PIE programs.

Wilkins started the program eight years ago.”

“I wanted to make a difference by using my skills, knowledge and abilities to teach future teachers how to be the best teachers they can,” Wilkins said.

The programs allows them to learn that a teacher needs to be flexible, understanding, organized, knowledgeable and approachable while being in a real-world classroom environment.

The program isn’t a blow-off class.”

It requires students to be honest, trustworthy, patient, and able to work with a variety of people. Students in the first and second year class travel to elementary schools around the district and work as an “intern” with a specific teacher during 3rd and 4th period.

“It’s a very strict standard because there is a lot of freedom involved,” Wilkins said. “You have to be the best because when you are at the elementary school you are representing yourself, your school, your parents and me.”

Senior Hannah Bullard said the teaching program prepares students for what they’ll experience after college. The program not only gives future teachers a look at what it’s like to be a teacher it allows them to make connections with the students in the elementary classes they intern in.”

“    My favorite thing about being a teacher is being inspired by the students and learning from them,” Bullard said.

Wilkins said she believes the students in her program should have passion, drive and motivation to work hard and do it for the love of the students.


“If you love what you do you never work a day in your life,”Wilkins said.

Since the program began, at least 20 of her former students are actually teaching now.”


“Two of my former students currently teach in the district.” Jessica Valenta and Victoria Badeaux, Wilkins said.