Asking Alexandria new album “The Black” is better than ever

Allyssa Reed, Staff Reporter

Asking Alexandria, a metalcore band from Yorkshire,just released their ninth studio album.” The Black” is the bands first album they released that features their new lead singer, Denis Stoff. Many fans were upset when Danny Worsnop, the previous lead singer, left the band. There was some doubt about Stoff being able to fill Worsnop’s shoes but little did their fans know, they had nothing to worry about. Stoff, in many people’s opinions, is better than Worsnop because he has a much higher vocal range than Worsnop ever did.
The first single off the album and my personal favorite “ I Won’t Give in” is the perfect song to carry across the message that they’re still as strong as ever. The lyric video for the song is one of the coolest lyric videos I’ve ever seen. The lyrics come up on a newspaper and on the newspaper is letters or quotes from the different members of the band saying that they aren’t going anywhere. With lyrics such as “ Every breath you take I watch you slip away” and “ I won’t give in” the song is quickly becoming a huge hit. While the band is considered “Screamo” by many people, their songs are so much more than just screaming. Do they scream? Sometimes? Is it unpleasant? No. Anyone who passes up the opportunity to listen to this band based solely on the fact they think it’s just screamo, is truly missing out.
Another song off the album that really stands out is “The Black”, with lyrics such as “ I need to cut you out” and “ I need you around (don’t you turn your back on me)” and the sound of the song, the song is truly one of the best songs on the album.
For those fans that are more into the bands less “screamo’ stuff, “Send Me Home” is the perfect song on the album for them. The song is vastly different from the rest of the album due to the fact that is contains zero “screamo”. The song highlights Stoff’s voice and goes to show just how vocally talented he truly is. When it comes to Stoff,one never knows what to vocally and musically expect from him but they can expect that whatever it is, it’s going to be great.
The album also contains slow songs such as “Gone’, which is a lot like “Send Me Home” due to the fact that it too contains zero “screamo”. The song gives off the feeling of longing and sadness due to the slow melodic beat and lyrics such as “please don’t be lonely when I’m gone” and “as I gently slip away this song will always stay”.
This album offers fans a little bit of everything music wise to choose from. Fans are more excited than ever for what the band has planned for the future because fans now know that this band is not breaking up or going downhill popularity wise. This band is definitely not going anywhere and they will continue to make the music that they love to make and to do the thing that they love most; sharing their music with their fans.