Boys golf team makes KPARK history

Kylee Wing, Editor


The boys golf team finally made it to Regionals, after six years of not advancing past the district tournament. Michael Dean and Zane Hamilton were named first team all-district, Andrew Bos, Trae Martinez, and John Carl Boudreaux named second team all district and Dalton Jeffery, Jason Throop, Ian Tarwater, Logan Moon, and Ben Jones were named Honorable Mention. Advancing to Region which was held on April 12-13th were Michael Dean, Zane Hamilton, Andrew Bos, Trae Martinez, and John Carl Boudreaux.

“Making it past district was a big accomplishment for us,” sophomore Michael Dean said. “We went in there in the underdog spot, we went in there knowing what we had to do and who we had to beat. It was good because it feels like our work finally paid off.”

The boys realized they had accomplished something big by advancing past district, especially for such a young group of guys.

“We have no seniors on the team,” junior Zane Hamilton said. “Were probably the youngest team to do it because we all have one more year together.”

Although falling short of State placing 12th out of 14 teams, making it to Regionals took more than just a good round, it took dedication to move forward as a team.

“It was pure work ethic and practice time,” head coach Angela Chancellor said. “They realized that good teams don’t take time off and don’t goof off at practice. When they decided to get serious, things started to change and we got a lot better.  It’s hard work, but the only way to reach the goals that they set was to work harder and smarter.”

Golf being an individual sport, it is special to play as a team. Having been so successful so far as a team this year, the boys have been able to bond on and off the course.

“They compete in practice but are very good friends off the golf course and at school,” Chancellor said. “It’s a close knit group that can push each other but laugh together, too. It’s tough in golf to have that dynamic because our season is so long that they usually get sick of each other by this time of year. This bunch just really enjoys hanging out together.”

After getting so close to each other they share more than just laughs, and similar interests, they share excitement together too, and one moment really stands out.

“The best moment from this season was jumping into the water on the 18th hazard [ at District after placing for Regionals] with Trae and John Carl,” Dean said.

Chancellor felt that was a special moment also.

“Watching them compete at the district tournament and grinding out a runner up finish really made me proud,” She said. “I enjoyed watching them jump in the lake to celebrate, too. I never had a team do that before.”