K-Park culture draws Wallace home


Scottlyn Robinson

Principal Lisa Drabing, right, and Amy Wallace, left, in the cafeteria.

Scottlyn Robinson, Staff Reporter

Amy Wallace’s face lights up when she talks about Kingwood Park.

She cherishes the memory of Disney world with Best Buddies. She loves that every day presents a new opportunity, with a new obstacle to overcome. She relishes being an assistant principal and being involved with all the student activity and student life.   

After taking a year away from K-Park to work as a district coordinator for hospitality services, ag, and health science departments, Wallace returned to the campus this year as a house counselor.

That lasted two weeks. In September, Wallace was chosen to replace Alan Corman as A-D House assistant principal. Corman left to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry.

When the administration asked Wallace to fill the position, she was ecstatic — and ready to take on the task she knew all too well.

Wallace had been a counselor  before being an AP for seven years. That’s what got her foot in the door at K-Park.

Soon after joining the staff here in 2010, she became an AP and fell in love with the job. She made the decision to leave K-Park k in 2014.  

But she couldn’t stay away. She loved K-Park and the atmosphere and how this school is run so she decided to come back and rejoin the family during its 10th year as a high school.

“Kids are different here,” said Wallace. “One of my first days at K-Park made me want to stay.”

Her workload as an assistant principal is much different from her counseling job. Wallace feels a counselor is more of a planner who helps students get on the track to graduating, which takes face to face talks and lots of planning. Principals, on the other hand, enforce the rules and discipline.

Counselors are behind-the-scenes workers; APs walk around, interact and socialize.

Wallace’s familiarity with the system helped the administrative transition go smoothly.

“There was no lagging in the credit recovery system with this big change in staffing because Wallace stayed on her game and kept things flowing,” said Coach Angela Chancellor

Wallace taking over Corman’s position came as a shock to many students because of how quickly things happened.

“I love Mrs. Wallace,” junior Caitlyn Hunter said, “but I wish Corman would have said goodbye.”.   

For her part, Wallace couldn’t be more thrilled about picking up where she left off.

“From an outside point of view, people don’t realize other schools are not like K-Park,” Wallace said. “The endless waiting list for students and teachers to get in is crazy. This is a great place to be.”