School nurse braces for cold and flu season


Elyssa Roman

Nurse Mary Fischer and Kristin Delamer work hard to fight against the colds of flu season.

Elyssa Roman, Staff Reporter

The K-Park school clinic is quiet until the lunch bell rings and the halls are flooded with students.

Then, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., nurse Mary Fischer has her hands full with students in need.

They come in with complaints ranging from headaches to sniffles to vomiting. On one recent Monday, Fischer had to change out of her teal scrubs after a student became ill and threw up on her.

That flow continues during those 90 minutes as a student or two dip and dive out of the crowd and head into the nurse’s office.

As the season of sniffles approaches, Fischer’s days are likely to get even busier with students seeking help.

Students like sophomore Aloura Joy, who recently had foot surgery. Joy went to the nurse’s for guidance on how to best recover. She also came away with tips about how to avoid contagious illnesses in the school environment.

”She was really nice,” says Joy. “She gave me some helpful advice.”

Nurse Fischer, who has been a nurse for 22 years and 12 years in Humble ISD, emphasizes the role of prevention: washing hands frequently, hydrating and drying hands.

Most students, however, believe getting a flu shot during this season is enough. But it’s not, says Fischer.

Still, although she’s already seen a lot of students come through her clinic, she has a good feeling about this season.

“So far so good,” Fischer says. “I hope it stays that way all year.”