Sister, Sister: Overmyers rock volleyball


Emma Waller

Libby and Hannah prepare for game against Barber’s Hill.

Avery Alvarez, Staff Reporter

Volleyball has been a part of Hannah and Libby Overmyer’s lives for as long as they can remember. Hannah started club when she was in third grade; Libby started playing when she was 8.

This year, the two sisters are experiencing something new in their volleyball careers:  playing on the same team.

Hannah, a K-Park junior, and Libby, a freshman, are both on the school’s varsity team. Hannah is a setter who hits right side and Libby is an outside hitter.

They both practice and in and out of school and although they are very competitive players, they don’t feel the competition on the team.

“My sister and I play different positions so it’s not like I’m fighting for a spot over her,” said Libby, who joined the team this year. “But I always want to perform well for my sister because she’s a role model for me.”

The girls have similar personalities, but their slight differences can butt heads on the court.

“Libby is very emotional so she shows her emotion a lot more than I should,” Hannah said “We both show our emotions in different ways and sometimes that clashes.”

Their bond allows them to communicate and be understood better than with the other girls on the team. They can take their time and be real with each other when it comes to different issues.

“She can talk to me like she can’t talk to anyone else which helps her as a captain because she can’t let all her frustration out on me,” Libby said.

The team as a whole has come together to make great strides for this season. This year, they made it all the way to the regional quarterfinal in the post-team playoffs, further than any team in K-Park history.

Volleyball coach Kelly Miser is in her first year at K-Park and already has seen the skill level in the varsity team. It is one of the most talented teams she has ever worked with.

“They’re all really passionate about playing the sport and have worked hard to come together as a team and have definitely improved.” Miser said.

She has seen the girls’ ability and knew from when she started that she was getting two really gifted players. Miser loves that they get to be together on the same team and grow in the sport.

“I just think it’s really cool that they can both play on the same high level team during their time in high school,” Miser said. “There’s something different about high school sports from club sports in that there’s more spirit and a commitment to a team rather than just on yourself.”

The sisters, who continue to improve and work together to make the team stronger, look forward to what happens next.

“We’re all really close, not just Libby and I but the whole team,” Hannah said. “We have a solid foundation and I’m excited for what we can do for the next season.”