K-Park dance learns their ABC’s

Madelinn Miller, Staff Reporter

K-Park dance classes kicked off the new semester with the ABC’s of Dance project, an assignment that goes through the entire alphabet with dance-related terms.

Students had to create a project that displayed a list of dance terms, such as arabesque, ballet, chanay, dégagé and the definition. Pirouette, for example, refers to a full-circle turn on the ball of the toes.

Dance teacher and Silver Star director Cyndi Vaughn encouraged students’ use of creativity in making the project, just as she encourages creativity in her students’ dancing.

Some students did their projects in a booklet while others opted for a Word or Google presentation.

Sophomore Macy Simko’s Google Slideshow presentation was made simply by inserting one term on each slide, along with a photo illustrating the dance move.

Freshmen Jessica Barkley and Gracie Drum chose to create booklets with 30 pages and a title using calligraphy.

“The project was really fun, mostly because we got a week off from all the exercise,” freshman Xzanthia Wright said.