Boys soccer players, satisfied at last, are going to playoffs


Guadalupe Perez

Junior Patrick Roach shoots a free kick from twenty-four yards out.

Matthew Ogle, Staff Reporter

As spring begins in Texas, soccer cleats are laced and the K-Park Men’s Soccer team is preparing for the playoffs for the first time in five years.

Four-year varsity player and team captain Kolbey Schoener is gratified for the team’s triumph this year and explains what it will take for the team to achieve success in the postseason.

“We hold high expectations for each other,” the senior said. “As the captain, I make sure that we are held accountable to our actions as well as the team’s performance. As long as we adhere to this mentality and stay healthy, the team will perform well”.

The team captain expresses his concern for the team to avoid being overconfident and remain healthy to stay focused as the soccer team enters the playoffs. K-Park began the season with an undefeated record of 9-0-3 until the team’s first loss to Crosby, half-way through the season.

As a senior, he is excited to finally make the postseason for the school.

“It means so much to make it, especially for my last year in high school,” Schoener said. “I’m satisfied at last.”

 The team’s leading scorer, junior Patrick Roach, is ecstatic to enter the playoffs for his third year on varsity. He has led the team’s attack with 10 goals this season, and has contributed to the soccer team’s most successful offensive season, statistically speaking.

“The talent has significantly increased since last season, which has led to the team’s success,” Roach said. “We have so many more weapons: Mauricio Garza, Matthew Flaherty, Luke Tiedtke, Bruce Yeager. It makes a big difference.”

After breaking his left collarbone at a club game in 2015, Roach was hesitant to play for the school again but after consideration for the team, he chose to stay.

“The injury was difficult to overcome but I wanted to help the team and help them make the playoffs.” Roach said. “It’s exciting to be a part of a winning team; making the playoffs brings scouts for all the players and I want to help the team win for our school. As long as we work  together and stay composed I think we can do that.”

Returning senior varsity player Matthew Flaherty recently played for Texas Academy, and prior to the season beginning, decided to rejoin the K-Park Men’s soccer team. Since his arrival, the team has shown significant improvement, as seen by the team’s exceptionally better record and greater number of goals scored compared to the last four seasons of K-Park soccer

“I try to help keep the team focused on their own personal responsibilities,” Flaherty conveyed. “Everybody holds themselves at a high standard and as we push each other to that standard, that leads to our success.”

Leaving the Texas Academy was no easy task for Flaherty. Playing for a club team of that stature heavily increases an individual’s chance of playing on the collegiate level and possibly the professional level

“I didn’t want to have any regrets for not playing for my school”, Flaherty stated. “I saw potential and decided that I wanted to help represent K-Park. It was definitely worth leaving Academy. I feel a lot of pride for the team, now; it’s a big accomplishment [making the playoffs], especially for our school, and as a senior it means a lot.”

For Coach Ryan Searle, this will be the first year he has coached a playoff team. He is confident that the team will perform well in the postseason.

  “Our mindset is the number one  reason for our success,” Searle said. “We finally have a winning mentality which has carried over to the stat sheet. The team is ready.”

 Both men’s  and girl’s  teams are headed for the postseason. However that is only the first step towards being state champions.

 “We aren’t done yet,” Schoener said. “The team still has a spot to fill in the trophy case.”