Chill new Kingwood hangout, Sub Zero, opens in HEB center

A Sub Zero employee mixes flavoring into the cream before freezing it with liquid nitrogen.

Nick Farace, Staff Reporter

The newest addition to the HEB-anchored shopping center is introducing a new form of ice cream. Sub Zero Ice Cream isn’t your usual ice cream shop with ice cream in large containers waiting to be scooped. Here, they make ice cream from scratch in a matter of minutes, and you get to watch the whole process. The secret to a quick cup of ice cream without ever entering a freezer? Liquid Nitrogen.

The first thing that popped out to me at Sub Zero was the welcoming and inviting employees. They made sure to welcome me and even opened the door for me. It was almost as impressive as Chick-Fil-A’s classic service phrase “my pleasure.” At the counter, you choose a base for the ice cream. Choices include whole milk, low-fat milk, or skim milk. Next, you add a flavor to the base, I chose mint, but their selection is endless. You also have the opportunity to add toppings of your choice. At this point, your “ice cream” is a puddle of milk and colored flavoring with some rainbow sprinkles floating on top.

The magic happens when the employee serving you sprays liquid nitrogen into the bowl with your “ice cream” in it. The nitrogen creates a certain fog, and you can’t see the puddle change to a scoop of ice cream, but what the employee pulls from the fog is a beautiful cup-full of deliciousness. The consistency is not the creaminess we have come to expect from popular brands like Blue Bell or HEB Creamy Creations, so it takes a few spoonfuls to get used to.

And yes, the concoction made from milk, flavoring, toppings, and liquid nitrogen is tasty. With such a new process of producing the classic ice cream, this shop is sure to attract many customers hungry for something new.