Humans of KPARK: Daniela Lugo Castro

Finding friends helps Lugo Castro adapt at new school


Maria Landy Garcia

Daniela Lugo Castro

Maria Landy Garcia, Staff Writer

Sophomore Daniela Lugo Castro moved from Venezuela with her parents two months.

“I came to this country because right now the economy in Venezuela is really bad,” Lugo Castro said. “Also, it is too dangerous of a place. When you walk on the street you have to check who is walking behind you, in front of you and at your sides.”

Even if it’s a dangerous place, Lugo Castro said she still misses the culture, food, her family and friends. She said she likes Kingwood because it’s a really beautiful, peaceful place.

“Sometimes I want to go back to Venezuela, but only because of  my family and friends; then I shake my head and I remember that if I go back I won’t have a good future,” she said. “In Venezuela, there is no money to maintain a university so the majority of them are closing.”

Lugo Castro said she is happy now because she has three new friends who speak Spanish and they are helping her with her classes.

“Now I feel better knowing that there are people at this high school that speak my language,” she said.