Got7 exceeds expectations with new album


Natalie Mount, Staff Writer

Before most of you click this review out of curiosity; then, quickly leave after realizing it’s K-pop, just hear me out. You never know what you’re missing until you listen.

K-pop, as most of you probably know, is Korean pop. K-pop originated from South Korea and started increasing in popularity recently in other countries, including the United States. Got7, a seven-member Korean boy group made up of Jaebum, Jackson, Jinyoung, BamBam, Mark, Youngjae, and Yugyeom, has been gaining more and more attention lately after the release of its third album.

Present: You features solo songs from each member. “Lullaby,” the title track, is sung in three additional languages besides Korean: English, Chinese and Spanish. Got7 said the reason why is to appreciate fans all over the world besides just in South Korea. After their world tour, hearing thousands of fans cheering them on, Got7 wanted to show their appreciation by singing in English, Chinese and Spanish.

“Lullaby,” has a catchy and simple beat but escalates to a fast-paced groovy chorus, making you want to get up and dance. Since its sung in three other languages it has a broad range of people it’ll reach, especially with an aesthetically appealing MV short for music video.

“Next Enough” starts off very soft in tone, quickly changing to an upbeat chorus with beautiful vocals and slower raps that guide the song smoothly to the next verse. The beginning starts slow but the bass and rhythm build up the chorus giving more variety than just one tone. “No One Else” is similar to “Enough” but the change is not nearly as drastic. It has a calmer melody but both are good songs.

In “Present: You,” each member wrote their own solo songs and their personalities are very clear. Listening to these songs reminds fans how hard Got7 — and any artist in general — work on everything they make. They put their heart into it and gave us very personal songs.

The vocals in “Nobody Knows” are outstanding with great emotion conveyed in every word. It has a very somber atmosphere, reminding me of church even though it isn’t anything like a church song. When I hear the song, I feel like I  discovered a painfully true fact that I’ve been trying to leave covered but now must face reality.

Got7’s album “Present: You” is a great album, even if K-pop isn’t your taste. It’s amazing for those who can appreciate the variety of genres offered in this album alone. Got7 went beyond expectations with their new album.