Friendship helps Grofman keep throwing strikes

Pitcher-catcher duo rely on longtime friendship to help them through hours of practices and games each week.

The infield huddles on the mound during the first scrimmage of the year.

Holly Emms, Staff Writer

Being on the same high school team isn’t enough for best friends Ronni Grofman and Abigayle Forrester. The pitcher-catcher duo also play on the same club team, Aces Express-Jacoby.

Whether it’s for high school practices, club practices or even pitching lessons, Forrester is always there as a catcher and as a friend. With two high school seasons left, the two have already shared many great memories.

“On the bus driving to our games we would always get into the weirdest poses and take a bunch of funny pictures,” Forrester said. “We would get laughed at by our team, but we didn’t care. We were having a blast.”

The two juniors are expected to be key contributors on a team that last season reached the third round of the playoffs. Since last season ended, the majority of the varsity starters graduated. Head coach Sara Koym has five returning starters.

“Our number one priority for this season is to encourage our team, stay positive and give 100 percent all the time,” Koym said.

Koym said she expects big things from Grofman and Forrester.

“They have an advantage this season because they have played together for quite a few years now, so they know each other very well and can communicate together when needed,” Koym said. “When they play together their performance is so critical. Usually they are on the same page and can always count on each other.”

Grofman said it is a key point to stay positive through the whole game and to lift the team up. However, that is not always easy to do, especially for a pitcher. Forrester said part of her job is keeping Grofman relaxed in tough situations.

“We have some inside jokes between the two of us,” Forrester said. “Whenever she is stressed or tired, I will usually tell her an inside joke and say something positive to lift her up.”