Upcoming Movies for December


Blanca Cantu and Trinity Curl

The Rise of Skywalker: December 19th

With the aftermath of The Last Jedi and Solo a Star Wars Story, or as the fandom refers to it as Solo, how will the Rise of Skywalker perform? The Star Wars movies the public has been receiving have either poor writing or very interesting plots. The recently released movies have been dividing the lifelong, hardcore Star Wars fans and the new generations of fans apart over characters, fictional technicalities, etc. Will we finally get some answers about Rey’s background and her weird connection with Kylo Ren, just to name a few? Will director J. J. Abrams right the ship? Hopefully this holiday, with the success of the Disney + series the Mandalorian, the Rise of Skywalker will be a Star Wars movie to end the divide, answer important questions, respectfully end the trilogy, and be a film every fan and non-fan can enjoy.

-Trinity Curl

Cats: December 20th

Cats is no doubt a very loved musical. When news came out that it was going to be getting a movie, quite a few people were excited. After all, making it into a movie popularizes the musical more and helps fans have a way of being able to see the whole story played out without buying expensive tickets to see it performed on stage. However, the animators and designers of the whole movie clearly did not realize how terrifying it is to turn many well-known actors into human-shaped cats. They could have easily toned down how intense the graphics are of the cats and decided to do somewhat simple cat makeup like in the broadway musical, but then I suppose that would not have made such an impact. Besides that the movie seems like it will have more to give with its story and acting. Actors like Idris Elba, Jenifer Hudson, and James Corden will attract an audience. Also, Taylor Swift is in it and even helped produce some of the music. Cats attracted a lot of attention with just its trailers. There should be no shortage of conversation when it actually opens.

-Blanca Cantu


Little Women: December 25th

Though most have said a remake of this movie is unnecessary, I disagree. There are whole generations that did not grow up on this story, and remaking it with new hit actors such as Emma Watson, Timothee Chalamet, Saoirse Ronan, Meryl Streep and many more will introduce it to a whole new group of people. Also, let’s not forget it is being directed by Greta Gerwig who did the Oscar-nominated movie Lady Bird. With such a great cast, story and director, this movie is most definitely going to be one to look forward to over the break, especially if you are not in the Star Wars or Cats loop. Even if you don’t really know what the movie is about, it may end up being for you. If you love period dramas, the actors or even the director, it is sure to end up being enjoyable.

-Blanca Cantu