At-home workouts can help pass the time


Taylor Rankin, Staff writer

Being forced to be at home makes doing things a lot harder. You can only clean so much and you have only so much homework. One way to help with this is working out in your own home. This may sound boring but below are a few websites that make working out at home fun and more effective.

The ‘Blogilates’ article is good because she relates to the readers. The writer starts off talking about the hoarders at Costco and how annoying it is that everything hygiene wise is out. She then labels her workouts with funny names to describe each section. For example, “Toned unlike toilet paper total body” and “Stop hoarding start stretching.” This makes doing the workouts more fun and effective. I have been using this calendar plan the past two weeks and it has helped with the boredom and keeping in shape. I added some simple runs.

The ‘Business Insider’ article is good because he is interviewing a trainer and how he feels about everything. He talks about the stresses in gyms right now with all of them shutting down, then he explains how you can still workout at home. Since this article was made with the help of a fitness trainer there are some good tips. For example, remember all of the furniture that you have and use it to your advantage to help with your workouts. “You don’t need anything but your body weight to exercise,” the article reminds you.