With a few still for sale, yearbooks to arrive soon


Bellisima Cruz

Sophomores Alicyn Logue and Holly Emms work to complete pages on a work night before spring break. Once spring break started, the students worked from home on pages to make sure the book was completed on time.

Katie Gerbasich, Staff Writer

With the 2019-2020 school year being officially canceled, the yearbook staff is working on a way to pass out books safely and soon. The yearbooks should arrive in the middle of May. They are still available online for $70 until May 3.

This year’s theme is “Collections.”

“We wanted a theme that was very unifying and captured lots of individuality,” editor-in chief Eliza Gonzalez said. “We thought ‘Collections’ worked well. It overall stemmed from the idea that throughout the school year lots of little things create a collection of memories.”

The yearbook is 240 pages and full of color. Students can expect coverage of big and small events and photos showing the student body. All sports teams were featured and coverage of the coronavirus is even included. The book was finished in mid-March as the students worked to make final touches from their homes.

“The most satisfying feeling ever is finally turning that book in.” Gonzalez said. “This book gives students the chance to reminisce and keep great memories during unconventional circumstances for years to come, so I really urge all students to buy it.”

Ortiz said it’s hard not having a traditional yearbook handout where you get to see the students faces when they first pick up their books. While the book is supposed to arrive at the high school in two weeks, the staff is still waiting on information from the district and school administrators to find out how and when the book will be allowed to be passed out.

“This really may very well be the best book we have ever had at Kingwood Park,” Ortiz said. “You do not want to miss having your own copy.”

(For any parents or students wondering if they have purchased a book, contact Ortiz at [email protected].)