Low scores highlight strong start for golfers


Submitted by Angela Chancellor

After a successful day at Atascocita Golf Club, Kane Anderson, 9, JD McComb, 9, Jett Endsley, 11, and Austin Eagan, 10, celebrate together. Anderson finished 17th, McComb finished 9th, Endsley took 8th and Eagan finished 10th during the Oct. 15 competition.

Maria Landy Garcia, Photo Editor

When the coronavirus struck, most sports were put on hold as they were unable to practice and compete. Golf was an exception. Due to it being an individual sport, they were able to keep playing and take advantage of the free time and available golf courses.

“Coronavirus impacted our golfers in a good way,” golf coach Angela Chancellor said. “I’m not saying coronavirus is good, but it allowed [us] to keep playing even when other sports like football and basketball couldn’t.”

Due to golf being an outside sport, the team was still able to host events, tournaments and continue practicing with social distancing over the summer.

“I’m kind of excited to see what those results are going to be like from being able to play all summer when a lot of sports were shut down,” Chancellor said.

Despite the golf team being able to play, restrictions were given to the players. The new rules included not touching the flag sticks, not exchanging scorecards and no award ceremonies.

“Everyone keeps their score on their own card and then they read that card to the scorekeeper for it to get posted,” Chancellor said. “We didn’t have award ceremonies after we finished playing. We would have to leave the area after everything was done, and the winners would [be posted] online.”

The team has grown compared to last year’s team, and Chancellor said there is a spot for everybody. Some kids on the team just want to casually play and learn the game. For other JV and varsity players, it doesn’t matter what level they play. They are just happy to have a place to play, be able to compete and be part of a team.

“It’s just a big family out there,” varsity golfer Alex Gleason, 10, said. “We have fun, we have things to do work on, and we’re trying to get better and be the best for the school.”

Golf is a year-round sport. With practicing more than usual this year, the team hopes to reach the state championships.

“Golf not being shut down is amazing because we have the opportunity to practice more than a lot of people do,” varsity golfer Kendall Kerr, 11, said. “We have the opportunity for colleges to look at us, so I just think it was great because it didn’t slow down at all.”

This year, the team has three seniors – Cole Wiley, Trey Riojas and Sammy Garza – who have played together all four years and improved dramatically.

“If they play like they have these last four years, we will be able to go to state,” Chancellor said. “That’s our goal.”