Testing formats require students to keep adapting


Cory Doctorow, flickr

AP testing begins next week on campus.

Daniel Spear, Staff Writer

AP Testing will be noticeably different from 2020 and past years. 

Testing Coordinator Sarah Olesen is continuing to get organized as in-person AP testing begins next week. Students have the option this year to take the test in person or online.

This online test won’t be anything like last year’s online test — meaning just from the specs we’ve been getting for the digital requirements, it requires a lot more,” she said. “The test is longer.” 

Olesen said last year’s at-home exam  produced scores similar to what they saw for most students in normal years. Performance was not so much the issue with the exams as was participation. When the test was shortened and formats changed, less kids decided to take the exam than had in previous years.

For most of the past month, Olesen has focused on EOC testing, which will also continue in May. All EOC tests are required for all in-person and virtual students and no at-home option was made available.

“It’s been extremely challenging with the addition of virtual learners being at home and trying to coordinate them coming up to test face to face without knowing how many kids to expect,” Olesen said. “It’s like holding a wedding without an RSVP list. You don’t really know who to expect or when.”