“Almost, Maine” makes final preparations before opening night

Varsity theater will perform its fall play in the Performing Arts Center starting on Sept. 16.


Rhian Davis

Juniors Cece Gonzalez and Thaine Cook work on building and painting parts of the “Almost, Maine” set during Tech Theater class.

Camille Blair, Staff Writer

High tech and high hopes set the stage for the upcoming varsity theater play, “Almost, Maine,” which is set to open on Sept. 16. “Almost, Maine” is a series of duet scenes with different levels and types of relationships.

“We chose [“Almost, Maine”] because it was the right show to do for these specific varsity students,” theater director Abbey Fera said. “We always try to find a show that kind of showcases their talents.”

Because of the different personalities, Fera said this play fits well with the cast.

“Each varsity class has a different personality from year to year,” Fera said. “This group of kids has the ability to be quirky, to be unique, they will step outside of their box, they can be physical, but they can also pull you in as well.”

While they are showcasing the cast, they are also using new electronic components as well. They will be using three rotating stages and new lights that they are currently working on to make it more dramatic.

“I think it’s going to be visually exciting, as well as the acting is going to be exciting,” Fera said.

What really makes the play unique though, is that it’s not super realistic. By using broken pieces to represent a broken heart, they are applying literal examples to make it more fun to watch. But with that comes the challenge of finding the balance between the obscure and the realistic.

“There’s levels of absurdism at times where it’s not as literal at times, and sometimes it is really literal,” technical director Jami Windham said. “We have actual physical representations of broken hearts and mountains of love and things like that onstage; and I think that’s unique and fun in an interesting way to see a story told.”