New cooler adds more flexibility in Floral Design


Jacob Valcarce

A new floral cooler has been added to the Floral Design classroom to allow students to make more projects and use larger floral materials.

Jacob Valcarce, Staff Writer

Floral Design classes received an upgrade over the summer when a new floral cooler arrived. Teacher Genevieve Ubnoskye requested one late last year, and it got granted.

“I’m very appreciative for getting it because not every floral design class was able to get it,” Ubnoskye said.

The cooler was put there to help with storage issues. Before this students struggled because there was not any room in the one cooler. She has three floral design classes, so the cooler helps with all three of them.

“I requested a new floral cooler just so that we could have the extra space for flowers because they can’t sit out in the open air because they’ll mature a lot faster,” Ubnoskye said.

This extra space helps students with making better flower arrangements.

“I didn’t have the space to hold more flowers so now we can use more flower materials and bigger flower materials because I have the extra space for storage,” Ubnoskye said.

The cooler is also helpful with events that the class does. They often make arrangements for holidays and homecoming.

The cooler can be used for any type of flower.

“All flowers and foliages can go in there,” Ubnoskye said. “Everything that needs to be refrigerated can be refrigerated there.”

Ubnoskye said she is grateful for the floral cooler and plans to put it to good use.

“I was given the floral cooler and I plan on using it wisely,” Ubnoskye said.