Jaxon Sims embraces quarterback challenge


Maya Ortiz

Offensive coordinator Bruce Cox speaks with sophomore quarterback Jaxon Sims prior to a game at Turner Stadium on Sept. 23.

Aidan Oakes, Staff Writer

While being the varsity quarterback isn’t easy, sophomore Jaxon Sims showed what he could do last season with a humble attitude and a wide range of skills on the field.

“Everyone’s watching,” Sims said of playing quarterback. “It’s a big role. People are leaning on you, and I like having that kind of leadership.”

Proud of his position and his hard work, he led the offense last season. The team closed out the year on a good note, winning their last three games. The missed the playoffs with a 4-6 record however.

“We came into the year expecting to do really well, but some injuries held us back from that,” Sims said.

“People see him on the field and think, wow, that kid is talented, but they don’t see how hard he works behind the scenes.””

— Offensive coordinator Bruce Cox

Sims, however, isn’t too happy with how the season went. He said he believes if it wasn’t for some injuries they had on the team, they would have had a better season.

Starting off with football at 6 years old, Sims has played quarterback most of his football career. He is supported by both of his parents, who have been by his side his entire career.

“My dad is probably my biggest influence,” Sims said. “He’s always pushing me to do my best on and off the field,” 

That influence helped Sims push forward on and off the field. Outside of football, Sims also runs track and plays basketball. 

With two more years left of high school football, Sims plans to maximize his ability at quarterback and with high hopes of breaking the stat record for most passing yards. He finished his sophomore season with 1,809 passing yards. He also wants to continue playing in college.

Quarterback coach and offensive coordinator Bruce Cox has high hopes for what Sims is going to bring to Kingwood Park in his remaining years. 

“He’s a leader. I think he communicates well with everybody, and he’s just overall a fun kid to be around,” Cox said. “People see him on the field and think, wow, that kid is talented, but they don’t see how hard he works behind the scenes.”