[Review] Mia Goth shines in terrifying “Pearl”


Pearl Movie Poster

Ryder Lowery, Staff Writer

Pearl, Studio A24’s newest movie and most recent addition to the “X” trilogy, tells a beautiful story in such a violent way. Mia Goth portrays Pearl, a psychotic, murdering, barn girl who is stuck on her family’s farm. The years of isolation sent her into a murderous cycle, leaving death all around her.

Pearl lived on a farm with her paralyzed father and mentally abusive mother. She dreamed of leaving and becoming a star, and knew she had what it took. The constant aloneness, however, left her mentally impaired.

The difference in this “serial killer movie” is the way you sympathize with Pearl. You see the decay of her mind, the factors that led her to the way she was in “X,” and the way she was aware something was wrong. With Pearl being the main character and the only constant one, we see how she really feels and can’t help but either relate or pity.

The writers wanted Pearl to be an overreaction of the feelings we all have. They made her struggle with self-worth, family, love and isolation – things most people today have to go through. However, Pearl obviously takes extreme measures to ease her suffering.

A24 is known for their cinematography. They kept the same setting and mood of the first movie “X,” creating a sense of familiarity in this farm. People who have seen “X” know what happens there in the future, but Pearl showcases what led to those moments, those killings.

Mia Goth’s performance as Pearl is unforgettable. Goth played both the main survivor and killer in “X,” showcasing her acting range and ability. Now, playing the killer at a young age, Goth had the freedom to expand on her later serial killer character. The ending scene concludes with Pearl staring directly into the camera smiling. She soon starts to break down crying while still staring at the lens. This ending was completely improvised and only took one take, showcasing Goth’s natural ability to play such intense characters.

Pearl was a terrifying, yet sad and sympathetic story. It’s interesting to see the backstory of a character who we know ends up terrible. It has already been announced that Mia Goth returns as Maxine from “X,” in A24’s final chapter to the trilogy MaXXXine.