[Review] Young artist produces hits for our generation



Romantic Homicide was released in July.

Morgen Dozier, Staff Writer

In July, d4vd (whose real name is David Burke) released “Romantic Homicide.” Since publishing it, the song has reached the Billboard Top 100 and is currently sitting at 33. The 17-year-old musician is completely new to the music industry as his first single, “Run Away,” was released last December. 

The song first became popular on TikTok when he released several videos teasing his songs to longtime followers. The song must have hit a chord with users as the sound now has more than 77,000 clips using the audio. That does not even count the sped up, slowed down, and reverb variations that all TikTok users have fallen in love with. 

Having only released singles up to this point, d4vd is slowly gaining popularity on all streaming platforms. From Spotify to Soundcloud, the amount of streams his songs have are growing rapidly. 

“Romantic Homicide” has become a sensation. D4vd describes a relationship, one that many people can relate with. He narrates how it ends by using somber drums and haunting vocals. In the song, d4vd paints an expressive picture between the song’s protagonist and their partner.  

He opens with,  “I’m scared, it feels like you don’t care.” And he closes with, “I can’t believe I said it, but it’s true I hate you.” d4vd perfectly describes a dying relationship. One that was toxic and damaging. He expresses his fear in the beginning then as the relationship progresses he changes his tone to be dismissive and vicious. He moved on from the person and now wants nothing more than to separate and never see them again. Almost every person has been in one of these situations whether it be platonic or romantic, which may be why so many people have flocked to and find comfort in this song.

D4vd’s use of the alternative/indie genre is genius. He uses both of the genres to create music that is relatable and relevant to our generation.