Snyder family creates co-parenting system

Senior Sara Snyder takes a selfie with her sister and dad.

Submitted by Sara Snyder.

Senior Sara Snyder takes a selfie with her sister and dad.

Exa Nix, Staff Writer

Growing up, senior Sara Snyder’s memories include dancing in the kitchen to Kelly Clarkson with her mom and looking at Christmas lights with her dad.

By the time Snyder was 11 most of her memories became moments with mom or days with dad. Their divorce changed the dynamic of Snyder’s home.

“It was rough initially because I would always see my parents because I was homeschooled,” Snyder said “So like having just the one parent available every weekend very boldly told me, you need to do stuff on your own. It taught me to be independent and like to get involved myself with things around school and extra-curriculars.”

With the support of her parents who came up with a strong co-parenting system, Snyder joined public school in 5th grade and got involved quickly. She is an officer in seven organizations and an honor thespian. Snyder’s sister Anna Snyder is involved as well with cheer and theater among other things.

Senior Sara Snyder poses with her mom and sister after a school event together. (Submitted by Sara Snyder.)

“The older it gets the easier it gets,” her dad James Snyder said. “They have activities and pre-determined schedules. So we work around that.”

In their family, co-parenting means keeping a schedule that’s highlighted to show whose house the kids are at and what’s coming up that month. Sara spends weekdays with her mom and 1st, 3rd and 5th weekends with her dad.
Her parents also have weekly phone calls to stay up-to-date on their daughters’ lives.

“They’ve had meetings with me and my sister before basically saying that we are your parents, that’s what we’re going to be first,” Snyder said. “Know our end goal is making sure you’re okay. They both work well at that.”

Snyder says that having divorced parents has its perks. She said when she is frustrated with one of them, she gets to leave and go to the other parent’s house. This gives her space from the situation.

Sara said she knows, however, her parents will support her in any way they can. If she gets overwhelmed she knows her mom will let her take the day off. When she’s in a play, she knows her dad will always make sure he is there.

“My girls will always know that no matter what happens or what they do,” Morgan said, “Mom’s always going to be there.”

Sara’s parents said they know she is responsible and independent. She makes sure to keep them informed of her week and what she needs from them. Along with her parents’ communication skills, Sara’s family has found their groove.

“I think I’m the luckiest person to have parents like that,” Snyder said.