Allyssa Reed
“When your looking at screen it’s not like you're really there. It’s like you’re watching it on TV. But the first time he walked on stage you knew he was real,” - Allyssa Reed, senior.

Allyssa Reed is a music lover, but found it very difficult to go to concerts in her home town of Washougal, Washington, about three hours away from Seattle. However, when she moved to Kingwood two years ago, she found that many shows were only 45 minutes away by car. Since then, Allyssa has seen One Direction, Panic at The Disco, Blink-182, All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens, 5 Seconds of Summer, A Day to Remember, All American Rejects, and, of course, her favorite singer Ed Sheeran. The first Ed Sheeran concert Allyssa went to was the only concert where she has cried hysterically. Allyssa, her mother, and her sister were about 15 feet away from the stage when Sheeran came out for the show. Seeing him for real is what broke her.

Sydney Woodward, Co-Editor in Chief

Allyssa Reed, Opinions Editor

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Allyssa Reed