Superhero movies never disappoint

Jacob Valcarce, Staff Writer

The new Spider-Man movie is one of the best movies to come out of 2021. It has everything that a movie needs and more: character development, a love story and an impactful ending. It was the perfect latest addition to the Marvel Universe. In fact, there is nothing much better to watch than superhero movies.

First off, let’s focus on character development. Superhero movies do such a good job making sure fans know the backstories of characters and get invested in what happens to them. They also do a great job of showing how characters evolve. In the film Iron Man, Tony Stark is a greedy, rich man. But when he gets kidnapped, his life is changed forever. He takes his story a step further in Avengers: Endgame when he sacrifices himself to save the world from Thanos.

No superhero movie is complete without a love story intertwined. Everyone has their favorites – Batman, Spider-Man, the hulk. It makes us root for one character over another and adds an added dimension to their tough exteriors. One example is in the show Wandavision, Wanda creates an alternate reality with her lost love, Vision, whom she lost in a previous movie. At the end of the show, she has to accept that Vision is dead, but before that, she lives in different decades and sitcoms with him (in the alternate reality)  to try and relive her relationship with him. It shows how strong their bond was and viewers can almost feel her pain as she tries to live a life she can no longer truly experience.

Lastly, the endings in superhero movies cannot be beat. It is what everyone talks about for weeks after their releases. It’s why people rush to the movies so that no one spoils it for them before they see it themselves. And it’s why spoilers are instantly online – as soon as people see the endings, they want to talk about it with others. In Avengers: Infinity War, all of these heroes are put to the test. You need to see all of the movies to figure out all the characters’ stories. The movie ends with the antagonist, Thanos killing 50% of all life in the universe, including the heroes, and the protagonists losing the fight. This plot is unexpected and different from other superhero movies you might have seen. Every movie has an ending that affects the plot, so whether it’s the regular ending, or a credit scene, the endings are unbeatable.

Spider-Man has everything that a movie needs and more: character development, a love story and an impactful ending.

Some might argue that all superhero movies have the same plot, but they do not all go the same way. For example, just as you start to predict what might happen in the Avengers film, they shock you. You simply cannot predict what will happen next. What is frustrating and kind of fun for fans of the franchise is that you  have to wait a whole year to see what’s coming. It’s more often than you might think.

Who knows what the next Marvel movie will do to affect their world, but we will have to wait. Whether it’s the character development, love stories, or endings, these movies aren’t going away because they are simply too good.  If you have never given superhero movies a chance, start with Iron Man. For those who have not watched one in awhile or lost interest years ago, the newest ones are a completely new type of superhero movie and they are more than worth your time.